A Constitutional Amendment




You’re dreaming, it’ll never happen…

Au contraire!  Freedom of speech, abolishment of slavery, women’s right to vote, and two-term limit on Presidencies are just a few of the 27 amendments to our constitution.  

  • Over 80% of Americans support an amendment.
  • Over 140 groups are working to GET THE MONEY OUT of politics
  • 16 states and hundreds of cities have called for a constitutional amendment.
  • The 113th Congress proposed 14 amendments
  • Over 150 members of Congress support a constitutional amendment.

42 states have already taken action towards the 28th Amendment! (including 4 that have called for a Article V Amendment Convention)

And here is a great article where President Obama talks about the need for an Amendment.MAPAmendmentFeb2015Small.jpg


Free Speech For People supports two bills – please sign their petitions:

  • Rep. McGovern’s H.J.Res. 20 restores Congress’ and the states’ authority to limit campaign gifts and spending in all categories; it’s similar to Senator Udall’s bill, S.J.Res. 19, which has 20 U.S. Senate co-sponsors.
  • Rep. McGovern’s H.J.Res. 21 makes it clear that corporations do not have constitutional rights, as if they were people; it has bi-partisan support in the House from Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), along with many other co-sponsors.  It’s identical to Senator Tester’s bill, S.J.Res. 18.

Ask your Congress person to support for Rep. Nolan and Rep. Pocan’s We The People Amendment

Sign on to Public Citizen’s Democracy For People Action to get 160 representatives in Congress to co-sponsor Sen. Sanders (S 525) and Rep. Deutch’s (HJ Res 34) bill for a Constitutional Amendment.

Sign Move To Amend’s petition for a Constitutional Amendment

Sign WOLF-PAC’s petition for a Constitutional Amendment

Sign Every Voice’s petition to Overturn Citizens United

Sign Public Citizen’s petition to Overturn Citizens United

Support a Resolution to Overturn Citizens United in your town!

Sign People For The American Way’s petition to Overturn Citizens United



Many cities, states, and communities have passed resolutions to tell the government corporations don’t have constitutional rights; others are working towards that goal.

UNITED FOR THE PEOPLE is the place to go for the latest updates on Constitutional Amendment. 

Here’s their map of existing local and state resolutions

JOIN The 28th Amendment National Roadshow, put together by Money Out Voters In (MOVI) and other partner organizations.


Move To Amend has a great Take Action Toolkit

See if your Candidate has Pledged to Amend