Activist Comics was created by The PSA Crew, a loosely-knit band of street artists in Los Angeles using street art to spread awareness about important civic issues. Originally based on the covers of early Superman “Action Comics,” the idea was to both simplify important issues for a passerby while encouraging activism. And people like comics.

In the fall of 2015, Common Cause Ohio presented a competition to spread awareness about a redistricting reform effort, Yes for Issue 1, inviting artists to create their own version of comics that convey the importance of fighting gerrymandering.

This site will be an ongoing gallery of Activist Comics created by The PSA Crew and others. Download them and put them up yourself if you’d like, and eventually we hope to have more elements for repurposing your own Activist Comics.

The PSA Crew can be seen in the feature film PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes, which covers money in politics. The PSA Crew also appear in the book along with the original Activist Comics in the new book Where Else But The Streets.